Dolphin Hosting

The Boonex Dolphin community software is a very advanced dating/community software, providing lots of features not available in other dating sites. As such, it needs an advanced server to host it smoothly, without problems. We have servers set up specifically to host Dolphin sites. The hosting requirements are:

Linux/Unix (Red Hat, Debian, FreeBSD, etc.) or Windows OS
Apache Web Server
Ability to run executable files (necessary for ffmpeg.exe)
Ability to set Cron Jobs
MySQL 4.1.2 and higher
20MB of disk space and 1MB of MySQL DB space for installation
8MB of disk space and 50KB of MySQL DB space for an average user
PHP 4.3.6 and higher
safe_mode must be Off
exec() must be allowed
allow_url_fopen also must be On
mbstring, domxml and xsl extensions (required to run Orca forum and UTF-8 support)
GD library compiled with TrueType fonts (for photo processing) or ImageMagick as an alternative
Sendmail or Postfix
root SSH access

These settings are not available on other shared hosting and are found only on VPS and dedicated servers (very expensive) or on our Dolphin specific servers.

Your new Dolphin site will have access to all the features available with Dolphin, including live video chat. Live video chat will make your site stand out and is what you need to get visitors to your site to sign up for a membership.

Dolphin hosting starts at $50/month for 5GB of disc space and 10GB of bandwidth/month. We also have package deals that can save you up to 40%. Click the link below to see your options and begin your hosting. Once your payment is made we will contact you about the details of your hosting account.

By applying for hosting or dedicated server you agree to comply with our terms of service.

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Once your hosting is paid please return to this page and Click here to send us information about your hosting account.

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